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Flourishing Verdantly ([personal profile] gaisce) wrote2009-09-07 01:41 am

Happy Birthday to someone as cute as a penguin!

Title: Three Thieves and a Penguin
Series: Leverage
Spoilers/warnings: None.
Wordcount: 292
Summary: For Skye’s birthday! And it’s exactly what the title says. Sorry it's short and two hours late.

“What are we supposed to do with this?”

“I don’t know, but when Nate said the words ‘emperor’ and ‘ice’ this was not what I thought I’d be researching.”


“Thanks, Parker. That’s real helpful in figuring out what to do with it.”

“It’s fuzzy and warm. I think it’s overheating.”

“You dragged it through a quarter mile of air vents, why’s it doing that now?”

“They were air conditioned. Very high. But it’s the wrong bird to release in a vent, they can’t fly so their wingspan won’t trip any motion sensors. Need a starling.”

“Hardison, do something about this bird.”

“Why is it always me? Parker stole it. Against my advice might I add. Wildlife client talking about illegal logging activities doesn’t translate to an underground railroad for fowl.”

“I think it smells okay. Fishy, but okay.”

“Not that kinda foul, Parker.”

“Nate and Sophie aren’t picking up. We’ve got to find a walk in freezer for this bird in the meantime. Figure out why this thing was there instead of the evidence we were looking for.”

“It is evidence. He keeps endangered animals; penguins in New York are endangered.”

“They’ve got imitations in every club with the top hat and tails crowd. Okay, I’ve got three locations we can bust. One’s a four star French restaurant, high class freezer. One’s a meat packing plant. Very ‘Rocky,’ you’d like that Eliot. Another is a Baskin Robin’s, thirty-one flavors to hide in.”

“I vote ice cream!”

“Meat packing’s got more space and easier to pay off.”

“But Eliot, there’s ice cream. And it was hot in that vent.”

“You just said it was air conditioned—oh fine. Hardison, don’t even start.”

“'m not saying anything man. I just want my Neapolitan.”

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