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Epilogues are only for the victors

Hi there! If you are reading this you probably stumbled over my journal. Anything you see on a public setting is fandom related. The stuff under lock is generally my personal thoughts, opinions, and apropos of nothing. If, for some reason, you think you would be interested in the latter, feel free to comment to me. I just want to spare otherwise uninterested people, not start a secret clubhouse to overthrowing the world. Although that would be fun to do in my spare time...

from jeina

(Anonymous) 2006-12-30 05:37 am (UTC)(link)
'ello random person (^__^) and yuss~ jochen is wonderful with prettyboys~

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I said I missed you.

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I missed you too D:

...we're still going to spam [ profile] chash like mad though.

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That's an essential part of the plan, yes. ♥

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Am adding you and you have no say. Except for where you do. Uhm. It's late. ♥

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Adding you back and you have no say either so there. ♥

...that would be more ominous without the heartmark wouldn't it.