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Schoolwork has been killing me but I wanted to post something today that wasn't an essay.

Relatively old, short snippet of genderswitched!Fakir )
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Title: Greek Study
Series: My Boss, My Hero
Spoilers/warnings: After series and dirty humor?
Wordcount: 1,007
Summary: Sakurakoji Jun tutors Makio in ancient cultures with current motivations.
Dedication: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY [ profile] peroxidepest17!!

Aristotle said, 'We cannot learn without pain' )
gaisce: (If you want me I'm your country) day I'll get sick of writing this yep.

Title: Frayed Edges of a Line
Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Spoilers/warnings: Set throughout the series (can be read with or without subtext).
Wordcount: ~1,900
Summary: Azula and Ty Lee in 50 sentences from [ profile] 1sentence; set Epsilon.

It was a thin line that tied them together )
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I have been desperately wanting to write post-series Azula fic that makes me feel better about her ending (or lack thereof). And have come to the conclusion that I really fail at writing insanity. Damnit.

Title: Last Words in Exile
Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Spoilers/warnings: Post-series and Azula-centric for all the crazy that entails (Azula/Ty Lee if you squint very, very hard).
Wordcount: 1,459
Summary: No prison could compare to the confines Azula placed within her own heart.

I have perfected deceit to believe I am beyond saving )
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Title: The Era of Two Years
Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Spoilers/warnings: Post-series, so vaguest of spoilers.
Wordcount: 620
Summary: Zuko and Azula. How little time it takes for the world to change completely.

It should not be this hard to write for a series about magical kung fu. )
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Title: The Sound of Waves
Series: Princess Tutu
Spoilers/ratings: G. Pre-series Fakir and Mytho.
Wordcount: 1,425
Summary: Before the fire, Fakir began to understand that Mytho lost more than his heart. He just never wanted to admit it.

I will hear you in the sound of the waves )
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Slooooowly writing for everyone, really. For [ profile] achtung_baby who is awesome for liking both Utena and Avatar (and Angela Landsbury but she is harder to put in a crossover).

Title: So I Bent the Rules Like a Revolutionary
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena/Avatar: The Last Airbender
Spoilers/Warnings: Utena's around the Black Rose Arc, Avatar has vague beginning of season three spoilers
Wordcount: 1,743
Summary: Terrible vignettes meshing the two series.
A/N: I failed a lot here. Not writing more vignettes, leaving out some characters, not picking a genre, the incest jokes. The title. Writing a lot of it while sick/medicated...

Yeah, I really got nothing. )
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Very delayed fic for [ profile] mrinsane who is awesome at Ty Lee, and I unfortunately lack the perfectionist nature to match it.

Title: Built on Sand
Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Spoilers/Pairing: Azula and Ty Lee shortly after 3.5 “The Beach”
Wordcount: 1,600
Summary: It's an act. All of it.

All these years of cloak and dagger have left us disappeared )
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Xmas fic for Celeste, posted here because she said I should and since this is so fail in so many other ways I should grant her this request. orz orz orz...

Title: Secret Ingredient
Fandom: My Boss, My Hero
Pairing/warning: Makio/Kazu porn, PWP, did I mention it's terrible porn?, seriously it's 1,400 words of awkward.
A/N: Dedicated to [ profile] peroxidepest17, which means it's entirely her fault. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW CELESTE?!

Pour some sugar on me? )
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I'm officially on my holiday vacation whoo! Going to spend Christmas with my family plus guest of honor, [ profile] silverprism means I get warm fuzzies of the holiday spirit.

It also means I get time to sort of try and do writing gifts. ...which, most will not get until '08, but think of it as a good start to the new year or something. So if you want a small story comment with your theme/characters and I will try and deliver. If you've given me anything for Christmas so far I demand that you tell me what to write for you. Except for Celeste, you I already know but I just can't write porn on my aunt's computer even if Prism would find it hilarious, sorry, that will have to wait...

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Wow, Enchanted was a beautiful movie. Of course it catered to my every taste so unless it was terrible like Ella Enchanted I thought I would be a worthwhile experience! Amy Adams is perfect as Giselle and the story, oh god the story was beautiful. Tropes turned on their head! Parody and self-conscious referencing! Moments that made my heart go all aflutter in glee! Plot bunnies chewing on me! So spoiler rambling and fic after the cut.

Sometimes you reach what's real just by making believe )

Other news, I saw the extended trailer for the Golden Compass and eeeeeeeeeeeeeee, my Christmas spirit is embodied in the form of a giant mercenary polar bear with armor. Iorek! Ioreeeeeek ♥
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So I am going to visit [ profile] chash tomorrow. Which is exciting! The eleven hour airplane/airport hobo-ing is less exciting. I will have various reading material and my sketchbook but I think times like these are the best ones to encourage drabble memes whilst I sit in a tiny reclining chair cage with only airline peanuts and half a soda to console me.

Give me a fandom, a theme, characters, anything! I will write you something I swear I will finish these too! Of course it may be a while since I will likely be having exciting adventures with nature. Or, you know, bumming around and watching Farscape. ...and finishing the stuff I said I would write earlier.

Really, just request something.
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CELESTE I AM SORRY I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY. I-I fail and work kind of ate me, but I still have belated presents for you carried over from previous bribery and I will finish the rest of it when I start my vacation, I swear... T__T

Title: Dealer’s Table (1/2)
Series: Gokusen/My Boss My Hero
Wordcount: 1,400~
Summary: The Ooeda Clan and the Kanto Sharp Fang seek an alliance forged by their future leaders. Unfortunately, Makio and Kumiko have problems that extend beyond getting along.
Dedication: To [ profile] peroxidepest17 for the pimping and the generally being awesome. Happy belated birthday again!

Yakuza politics make for strange bedfellows )
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Title: I Carry Your Heart
Day/Theme: September 3/I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)
Series: Princess Tutu
Characters/Pairing: Mytho/Duck (Tutu)
Rating: PG
Wordcount: ~1,300
Summary: With every shard of his heart returned, grows the longing in her heart to stay with him.

Because if his heart is empty and hers is overfull, surely between them there could be a happy compromise. )
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Title: All for Naught
Series: Princess Tutu
Spoilers/Pairings: None and none unless you want to really read between the lines.
Wordcount: 956
Summary: Pre-series. Mytho does worthless things.

Man's ideal state is realized when he has fulfilled the purpose for which he is created )
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Two stories for [ profile] eryne_chan about the awesome OTP of Pirates of the Caribbean, which is so awesome it still might count as spoilers? I don't know. Also I would warn for pretentious failing on my part. It's like epic pirate failing in writing form. Also angst.

Summary: Davy Jones doesn't fear death anymore, now that he's embraced it.
A/N: I really think this is just my awkward stream/sea of consciousness trying to get out and, uh, floundering horribly.

On the Other Side of the Sea )

Summary: Pre-series. The Bretheren Court first meets and debates what they are willing to steal and willing to give.
A/N: If this is wrong from the established timeline of events in Dead Man's Chest and At World's End...uh, well the canon started it.

Skinflint )
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In really, really, really, super belated response to [ profile] lilorchid1023's prompt here, because I should have actually finished it before she arrives tomorrow with the physical ability to kick me for being lax. Ignore the fact she probably forgot asking about it in the first place.

Now don't get carried away with your heart, you're better where you are )

This post has no coincidental timing to anything else. Really. ...I mean it.
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Title: Let Go
Series/Spoilers: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End/that other movie in which a boat sinks no, not "The Poseidon Adventure"
Summary: Davy Jones finally gets what was always promised to him.
A/N: To [ profile] eryne_chan, for the soundtrack and precious download material I swear the serious angst will come later. I just...needed to write this now.

Insert appropriate Frou Frou lyrics here for great irony )
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Title: Three Men and a Little Lady
Series: Heroes
Summary: An hour before the bomb is set to explode, Parkman, Mohinder and Bennett have their own personal crisis.
Dedicated: To [ profile] chash. For braving phones to call me and ramble for forty minutes about the ending, even though phones are terrifying for her ♥. She is truly my hero am I overusing the tagline? I am, aren’t I...

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Title: Simple Arithmetic
Series: My Boss, My Hero
Word Count: 2,626
Summary: Seven years later, Makio finally finds a use for the counting problem that dragged him back to high school in the first place.
Author’s Notes: For Celeste! Since I owe watching the rest of this series to you and bribery is a good reward even if it's late. I hope this is fun for you, if not I'm sorry I fail at your pet fandom.

Easy as one, two, three... )


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