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Okay so I'm starting week nine and sort of dying of finals but this is important to note:

Happy Birthday Prism~

I'm sure you already know what you're getting )
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Vacation time and a scanner that is working after a year or so of being in storage means I have an art dump of random stuff. Not dial-up friendly.

Avatar, Princess Tutu, X-Men, etc. )
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Two pictures aren't really considered an art dump. So it's not really a Fruits Basket, more like a fruit roll up with artifical flavoring.

Random picture and Skye's belated birthday gift! )
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Yeah, so the illustrious illustrator [ profile] beanclam drew this really awesome picture of girl!Fakir. And besides being really pretty it also brought up the idea of Princess Tutu, which, like Utena, is big about the roles of masculinity and feminity as it pertains to fairytales/society/literary ideas. So I wanted to explore that with art.

...nah, really, I drew the rest of the main cast genderswitched because I could and it looked fun.

Is it still subverting gender norms when you turn inverted archetypes back on themselves? )
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A very happy special birthday to [ profile] chash!

Everybody who knows her go wish her a happy birthday and do embarrassing, dorky things to her on this happy day. For example, I do dorky things like SM♥MJ fan stuff on her behalf...

Mary belongs to the words of a song... )

...yeah, the unfinishedbelatedly finished/sketchy nature of above gift is supposed to be made up by you getting actual stuff in the mail today.
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My class was canceled for today so instead of doing "real" work, like studying or figure out job stuff I drew. For [ profile] lilorchid1023 because I ♥ her and fail at general cheer up beyond distractions (you will always be grumpy Rin in my mind forever). And for [ profile] umadoshi, who helped with reminding me I love drawing pretty Soumas.

Things get better )

I spent a disproportionate amount of hours for the effect there. Er, so take a look at other distractions. Joan, feel better and tell me anything I can do for you okay? *snugs*
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Prism-sama, really late gift stuff for you since I utterly fail at getting myself to write that future!Static/Gear stuff I finished a happier version in art form!

Make your own beard jokes.

'm sorry it's so late. Feel better so we can giggle about how they couldn't be less slashy together. Okay? *huuuuuuuuugs*
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Happy Birthday [ profile] chash!

Obligatory attempt at fanart goes here )
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My writing attempt for your birthday was utter crap, so I'm just going to go with fanservice okay? Okay!

Hey, you're old enough to be looking at this kind of stuff anyway... )
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For any CFUD fans. Request away any drabble or doodle. I'll try to respond in a timely fashion. Jokes about my speed will result in Ed-like "Who's so slow they move like LA traffic?!" ranting.
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Okay, reviewing my episodes and reading some awesome [ profile] mklutz writing made me feel like digging up old drawings and fan videos that I had previously only inflicted on close friends. Did I mention I'm a very sad fangirl for this series? So, yes, abandon all faith all ye who click...

Strange wonders of the...something or other )
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Since I have nothing of importance to say right now I might as well just paste some works in progress and throwaway scribbling to distract everyone. Well, mainly me, but only until the rest of Heaven's Coins download.

I obviously should not try to mix Bleach art with Blade of the Immortal )
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Sorry for the delay Prism-sama. Hope the fact that you get two instead of one makes up for it. Even if they're both half-competent...

Conduction )
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'Tis the season to get candy. Fa la la la la~

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I got through my physics midterm today. Expecting rose petals to fly in my wake, but I settled for scribbling out a comic. Hah! For once I don't do a Mikage themed drabble after a test!

This makes no sense if you do not get physics or Young Justice/Impulse

Impluse, the cute woobie guy in red and white often thinks in image bubbles. The other members of Young Justice do not. He shows off to Robin, with a clever analogy of his bird nickname.

Robin fires back with the different equations used to find the impulse in a centripetal acceleration equation.

Impulse shares the expression I have after each class.

Notice how I said "sense" and not anything relating to humor and lack thereof.
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First off, debt paying. [ profile] virtualinsomnia/Sonya, your unnamed reward is done. *grumbles* Stupid inspiration made me work harder on it than I intended...

Care to guess what it is?

I got the crossover inspiration from having to do an assignment on the possible characterization of Beowulf if he was transported into Gawain's position in Mort De Arthur. I have to write two pages of basically summing up: Beowulf would bash Lancelot's head in. Because Lancelot is a poncy little bastard who cuckolded his king. And I'm so tiiiiiiiired.

The only thing that's propelling me right now is randomly drawing (in class too, bad me) and J-Rock/Chinese ballads. The good kinds, not the Chinese countryside opera that sounds like gastro-intestinal disorders. Raphael's lead singer belting out "kanashi wa fumetsuka kairi sou~" is sex. Hmm, and so is Alan Ke You Lun, who makes Taiwanese dialect sound downright amorous.

Hey, when you can't understand most (J-Rock) or any (Chinese) of the lyrics you have to go on something right?
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After countless hours of on again off again sketching and shading it's finally done. The Al and Ed crosshatching thing is finally done. With all the angst I put in finishing it hopefully some of it transferred onto Al.

Of course the scanner fucked a lot of it up, but what do you expect with my luck?

"I Am Always Your Brother"


It's cause I picked all the reading answers. Natch. My Survey of English Lit class is sparking my reading bug.

Who are you in the Hagaren world?

And a *little* drabble out of the way... )
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Because I said I would post it next time I was on...

"In the name of the moon I will-! *cough* *hack*"

Yes that's Motoki looking on in horror. See the little Kamekichi?

And no, I don't have any particular hatred for Mars. She just happened to be within distance and have, you know, facial expressions.

The lesson here folks is never wait while people transform.
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I can't write anything. Not even that little snippet giving a decent explanation to Kakashi's reason for why Sakura should only wake up Shikamaru and Naruto. Bah, and it was being angsty and everything. Can't do anything but gawk happily at Asuma's entrance though. Sexy fighting, and badass skills saving Shikamaru. Although nothing can quell my need to have Hokage's fight better animated. Come on, this is soooooo much more on a bigger level than any others, even if Naruto is the main character, it deserves religious devotion to making it kickass.

And throwing out Prism-sama's present now because, again, I have no will to write...
These lj-cuts are so troublesome


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