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Two pictures aren't really considered an art dump. So it's not really a Fruits Basket, more like a fruit roll up with artifical flavoring.

Random picture and Skye's belated birthday gift! )
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My class was canceled for today so instead of doing "real" work, like studying or figure out job stuff I drew. For [ profile] lilorchid1023 because I ♥ her and fail at general cheer up beyond distractions (you will always be grumpy Rin in my mind forever). And for [ profile] umadoshi, who helped with reminding me I love drawing pretty Soumas.

Things get better )

I spent a disproportionate amount of hours for the effect there. Er, so take a look at other distractions. Joan, feel better and tell me anything I can do for you okay? *snugs*
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Happy Birthday Celeste!

Look, I even managed to finish after a fashion your request in time for your birthday! And I think it shows how I was rushed! Also, Skye's because it's the same fandom.

Five instances of regret Shigure will never admit to and five times Momiji's smile almost fell )

...also it took me an hour to get lj to post it. That should be factored into timing. *whistles*
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My writing attempt for your birthday was utter crap, so I'm just going to go with fanservice okay? Okay!

Hey, you're old enough to be looking at this kind of stuff anyway... )
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I hereby declare it to be the best chapter ever and I love it so much (even if her art has gone a little downhill) and HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~

Go look for yourself!

And a really bad half-misunderstood/half bullshit translation because I'm impatient )
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'Tis the season to get candy. Fa la la la la~

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Meh, life is still boring. I have yet to find Planet Ladder 6 to start gushing over it, and the first Fruits Basket manga is finally translated. Not exceptionally well in my opinion, but I'm not fluent enough to say anything more than minor nitpicks of how brash they made certain polite characters. Although Uo's Yankee talk sounds even better in English. Hehehe! One problem that annoyed me is where the girl who wanted to hug Yuki said from the other sub, "Souma-kun is very nice. But Souma-kun always pushes others away." Not the Tokyopop version with "You're nice Sohma-kun, but you're always rejecting others!" Not as poetic.

So instead I'm just re-posting that Yuki/Haru story I did before with the other translation of the phrase. So move along now. Nothing to see here.

You don't know what it's like to feel. )
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I don't have much to contribute since my days are mainly set to preparing for college and being responsible. 0.o;;; So I'll just throw one of my short stories up here to fill up space...

Lost and Found )
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I have nothing of importance to write about unless people want a full detail on the history Gupta Dynasty art. Not the most exciting of conversational topics, and extremely hard to fit into anecdotal retellings that are interesting. And I'm too tired to be interesting right now. So here's a short story featuring my attempt at the best yaoi Fruits Basket has to offer. Yuki/Haru. Angsty and hopefully in character.

Foundation )


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