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Title: Five Petals Falling
Series: Nobuta wo Produce
Spoilers/warnings: Set during the end of episode four. Hints at Shuuji/Nobuta/Akira and all permutations therein, with some Shuuji/Mariko. I don’t know it’s a subtext thing.
Wordcount: 5,921
Summary: What if. AU diverging at the 11/4 confession. Shuuji is forced to make a choice and deal with the consequences.
Author’s notes: For [ profile] annnimeee since she has to put up with me on a daily basis. Sorry it's so late, I’m a bad roommate.

And everyday, it's changed since then )
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I've finally crawled out of the backlog of all my obligations (okay just some) but the perfect response would be to give myself more work. Everyone I flaked out on before has full permission to smack me here. Yes, even if I'm still working on their other stuff...

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. If you absolutely can't write, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drawings or icons or something instead.

1. [ profile] silverprism - Static Shock: Virgil and Richie
2. [ profile] wonderseal - AtLA/Mulan: Azula and Mulan
3. [ profile] synergic - Princess Tutu: Mytho/Ahiru(ish)
4. [ profile] starsofnite - DC/AtLA: Impulse and Toph
5. [ profile] calophi - TricK: Ueda/Naoko
6. [ profile] lady_ganesh - DC comics: Impulse and Brainy
7. [ profile] etherealprey - Adventures of Sinbad: Maeve/Sinbad
8. [ profile] skyebanshee - Merlin: Merlin/Arthur ...sort of?
9. [ profile] timmesque - Princess Tutu: Mytho/Rue
10. Congratulatory short story of stupid for me for finishing this one for once
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Title: Chopsticks Etude
Series: Nodame Cantabile
Warning/spoilers: Spoilers for the Paris special, set between the Christmas argument and right before Nodame’s first recital.
Wordcount: 2,805
Summary: Nodame and Chiaki play scales on something larger than a grand piano.
Author’s notes: For [ profile] mikomichan because of lots of things like icons and that request from long ago but also subtle incentive since she decided not to throw me out into the wild Canadian wilderness when I visited.

Heart and soul, I've begged to be adored. Lost control and tumbled overboard... )
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Stolen from people on my f-list: "When you see this, post an excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y."

[Gokusen] Shin and why he went to Africa )

[TricK] Ueda conducts an experiment with some unwilling subjects )

[Nodame Cantabile] I swear I'll finish this for Komi soon )

[Enchanted/Princess Tutu] ...I swear I'll finish this for Chash some day or she can beat me senseless. )

[Avatar] Ty Lee post-series dealing with things )

[Avatar] Post-series Azula and Toph having aaaaawkward trust issues )

Clearly I need to work on not falling behind in my schoolwork if only to complete some writing prompts for my own sanity and so the people I need to write for don't hunt me down for flaking on them.
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Title: Greek Study
Series: My Boss, My Hero
Spoilers/warnings: After series and dirty humor?
Wordcount: 1,007
Summary: Sakurakoji Jun tutors Makio in ancient cultures with current motivations.
Dedication: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY [ profile] peroxidepest17!!

Aristotle said, 'We cannot learn without pain' )
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Xmas fic for Celeste, posted here because she said I should and since this is so fail in so many other ways I should grant her this request. orz orz orz...

Title: Secret Ingredient
Fandom: My Boss, My Hero
Pairing/warning: Makio/Kazu porn, PWP, did I mention it's terrible porn?, seriously it's 1,400 words of awkward.
A/N: Dedicated to [ profile] peroxidepest17, which means it's entirely her fault. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW CELESTE?!

Pour some sugar on me? )
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CELESTE I AM SORRY I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY. I-I fail and work kind of ate me, but I still have belated presents for you carried over from previous bribery and I will finish the rest of it when I start my vacation, I swear... T__T

Title: Dealer’s Table (1/2)
Series: Gokusen/My Boss My Hero
Wordcount: 1,400~
Summary: The Ooeda Clan and the Kanto Sharp Fang seek an alliance forged by their future leaders. Unfortunately, Makio and Kumiko have problems that extend beyond getting along.
Dedication: To [ profile] peroxidepest17 for the pimping and the generally being awesome. Happy belated birthday again!

Yakuza politics make for strange bedfellows )
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Title: Simple Arithmetic
Series: My Boss, My Hero
Word Count: 2,626
Summary: Seven years later, Makio finally finds a use for the counting problem that dragged him back to high school in the first place.
Author’s Notes: For Celeste! Since I owe watching the rest of this series to you and bribery is a good reward even if it's late. I hope this is fun for you, if not I'm sorry I fail at your pet fandom.

Easy as one, two, three... )
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For the lucky [ profile] mikomichan, her random non-specific request done. *sneaks off to console solitary self with a Momo of her own* :P

Title: On Being Humane
Fandom: Kimi wa Petto (scene in episode four)
Pairing: Angsty Sumire/Momo
Word Count: 1,101
Summary: Possessive, wrathful, envious and aggrieved. For better or worse, humans are every inch an animal.

Will you bite the hand that feeds? )
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For [ profile] mklutz and [ profile] miya_ respectively. I, uh, decided I should start in the middle of the alphabet?

Fandom: TricK
Pairing: Ueda/Naoko
Word count: 887
Summary: "You can never lie to me Ueda-san," she says. What a joke.

Brutal Honesty )

Fandom: Gokusen
Pairing: Shin/Yankumi
Word count: 1,200 (okay, so I lied on this one...)
Summary: Humans are flawed creatures and they make flawed promises.

Oaths and Pledges )
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I found it imminently amusing that Gokusen's season finale and TricK's season finale had some interesting parallels. And because I have no life and I'm not read to post the other stories I wrote during this dry spell I just threw this together. Which means run away, run awaaaaaaaaaaay.

Spoilers for TricK season one finale, Gokusen 2 finale, and some slight foreshadowing for TricK's series finale, but not really. And apologies to Celeste because I kept her from Bleach fic in order to fulfille my selfish, and slightly maniacal whims. I think it's because I broke her with Kindaichi. Muahahahaha!

I don't want to be stranded...especially with you )
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I have nothing else to say in my defense of this except that I was bored. Very, very bored while ignoring homework. Yep, bored and geeky. Not that I could compete with Mikomi's geekiness but I can certainly try...

In this corner... )
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Kimi wa Petto request is done. Hope you like, and if not, erm, maybe there's "Tramps Like Us" manga to get into?

All Creatures Great and Small )
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It's more TricK writing. Just giving a warning and such to save time.

Wrote this a while ago. I was actually trying to be serious, which is shocking and probably a big failing anyway. First season, set at the last episode where Naoko and Ueda manage to not bitch at each other for two minutes. That means it's love...

If you're lucky you'll perceive that's my heart upon my sleeve. The only thing I don't believe you )
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Obviously Japanese drama/sentai has eaten my brain. I have had dreams of talking to Abe Hiroshi/Jiro Ueda about how he was or was not a fictional character. I've also had Miho Kanno hug me in a cute big sister way and wondered if she was going to turn into Sadako from "Ringu." Which leads me to believe that watching "Saimin" and "TricK" and "Shinsengumi" (No one told me Koizumi was playing Souji, I would have been obsessively watching the show for that alone!) before sleeping produces strange, strange things. Still bitter Inagaki Goro didn't show up.

This also produces strange inspiration considering I'm in a writing slump. So this is my writing slump, an introduction to a TricK episode based on the Eagles' "Hotel California." Yeah, I thought it was weird too but at least I got most of the impetus to write it out of me. Minus the Ishinara in the hot tub scene, which is very entertaining to imagine writing...

Obviously, this is the part you skip over because you're not familiar with my strange fandoms.
o/~ Welcome to the Hotel California o/~ )
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Hah! I've found the only fandom that has absolutely no English (and no confirmed Japanese) fanfiction. And I have ruined it! Bwahahaha! Naoko and Ueda, second season and second arc...not like anyone would have spoilers fits. But anyone who does wouldn't have a clue anyway. To make a point for those who haven't watched (basically everyone) the scene with the dream-but-not-really sequence is canon, just where Naoko drags him back down starts diverging a bit...really the show is cracky on its own.

Retreading )


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