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There are a lot of things I could say about yesterday as a California voter. How I voted, and it doesn't seem like enough when there are neighbors who are convinced in the inferiority of certain families and marriages for being different. Yet I still have hope, because I know and believe in the virtue of these families. That these people are capable of just as much love as anyone else.

Which means my idea of counteracting fear and bigotry is writing super fluffy domestic PWP slash stories. And maybe it's just my way of counteracting something so serious with something trivial when you look at it, but if it helps reaffirm things then it does what it's meant to do. Remind us why this is important. So if anyone has a terrible domestic prompt they want me to write I'd be happy to try.

Now onto some Static Shock domestic fic for Prism )
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Okay I haven't bought a comic from Top Cow since...probably that Batman/Darkness miniseries you can judge me for it, but you have to admit it was better than any of the other DC crossover titles at the time. But they have this awesome contest where six series get a first issue published, then the two titles that get the most votes by their readers go on to be produced into full-length series.

The nominees are fun. Some are relative newcomers, to Eisner nominees, to the president of Top Cow. There's standard fare for the company (that is hilariously on the bottom of the poll), some slice of life/supheroics, crime drama, sci-fi pulp and my personal favorite: Urban Myths.

That link takes you to the full first issue, fast and fun to read. The world is a mix of mythology and city living, where people in the present still believe in Greek gods. With good reason, since their presence is in obvious cohabitation with the normalcy of present day life. The little throwaway mentions of consumerism with these myths made me scrutinize each page for in jokes. Oh and I forgot to mention the main character of the story is the son of Medusa. And it's amazing how the offspring of someone who could turn people to stone manages to look kinda cute about it, even with the metal mask.

Jack Medusa manages to work the hard-boiled supernatural detective angle familiar if people read Hellboy, but at the same time keeps a lighthearted personality. A lot of it is from the art, which is gorgeous and vibrant without being excessively cartoony. Urban Myths stays far away from getting too dark or too absorbed in its quirkiness to work, which a real pitfall in this genre. I was surprised how simple the story is but wonderfully balanced between the plot at hand and the greater implications about the world and how Jack fits in it. It was the only one of the bunch I not only wanted to vote for but wanted to buy if it won, and that's exactly why I'm exhorting people to read it and then make sure it stays in first place. Because winning means more issues and more issues mean a greater chance of seeing Jack Medusa having to rescue adorable Greek myth-based kittens.


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