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Man, you'd think the regular messed up nuances of couples were growing out of style for me. But then Prism-sama writes such convincing TemaShikaChou that I have to copycat. "Full Charge" 2,000 words of unedited muck.

And you don't understand it but you know you haven't planned it. Your feelings and mine are all lonely... )
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Naruto fiction explaining things from episode 69 (no perverted leering, I know what episode it is!) I thought Kakashi's explanation was a little slim for why Sakura should only wake up Naruto and Shikamaru. So I decided to give him my reason...

Vacant staring may discover some reflection. Or may discover none... )
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I can't write anything. Not even that little snippet giving a decent explanation to Kakashi's reason for why Sakura should only wake up Shikamaru and Naruto. Bah, and it was being angsty and everything. Can't do anything but gawk happily at Asuma's entrance though. Sexy fighting, and badass skills saving Shikamaru. Although nothing can quell my need to have Hokage's fight better animated. Come on, this is soooooo much more on a bigger level than any others, even if Naruto is the main character, it deserves religious devotion to making it kickass.

And throwing out Prism-sama's present now because, again, I have no will to write...
These lj-cuts are so troublesome
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"Tomorrow's Infinite Possibilities." Shikamaru/Temari fiction. Dude, I don't know I just saw a music video of their fight and the idea popped into my mind. *grumbles* At least she actually puts some effort into her fights unlike the others. Minor spoilers for episodes 63 on.

I've been watching, I've been waiting, in the shadows for my time. )
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I'm bored. I can't write very well, or much, right now. Most of my stories have come out nominally or not at all. Bad slump, I guess. A pity since school is going to start Monday and all this free time will suddenly vanish. Damnit. Is it possible to find meaning for one's life in say oh...*checks watch* three days?

Screw it. I'll live meaninglessly. Here's some drabbles from Naruto. My goodness, people write about other fandoms?
Prism-sama's awesome Naruto POV drabble )
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Okay, so I agreed to write improv since people were kind enough to accomodate me for the AIM spit up, I wrote something in return. Unfortunately, [ profile] anruitoivoa wanted a Naruto/Utena crossover. So be warned, bad dialogue slightly OOC behavior and a bit of Shiori bashing (Couldn't help it, Naruto wouldn't like her). Really, just look away if you don't feel cracky.

"What Friends Are For"
Naruto meets Juri, and all hell breaks loose )


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