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When I was a kid I remember rushing home from elementary school to catch Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics on Nickelodeon. It was anime (that I didn't know was anime) of old fairytales redone by Saban, yeah, that guy of Power Rangers fame. The cast sports a lot of 80's/early 90's stars, like the Robotech and Voltron dub voices. You can even play spot Minmei in them! And the best part was it gave me an appreciation for the lesser known stories while introducing me to new ones. I can definitely say this and the old anime version of Jack and the Beanstalk cemented my love for this particular genre.

And then they took it off the air.

Thankfully and recently, I've discovered some kind soul took the bootleg VHS copies and upped them on YouTube, and so I am listing my most memorable here for reference. I FULLY ENCOURAGE ANYONE BROWSING FOR YOUR FAVORITES.

I am just a little bird and you can see me fly. I'm just a little bird my love for you can fill the sky. )

...right now that I've sufficiently shown my age and geekiness I'm off to whistle that Jorinde song non-stop since I've rediscovered it.
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For everyone who always wondered why I never really commented on having my childhood ruined it was likely because...well, my interests in my childhood were pretty screwed up in the first place. Case in point, the movie I watched on repeat ever since I was three finally came to DVD eeeeeeeeeeeee ♥ This is fantastic considering I spent ages trying to remember which one it was before finding an old degraded VHS copy, since they had stopped making them before I was born.

Rambling about 'Jack and the Beanstalk' anime and LINKS )

Yay, it's like a part of my past when I was naive and innocent has come back to me! I can't believe this didn't give me nightmares all the time.


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