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Title: Korra and the First Firebending Lesson
Series: Avatar: the Last Airbender (and Journey of Korra but not from any actual knowledge of canon or whatever)
Spoilers/warnings: Spoilers for the ending of A:tLA, specifically Azula’s end. Silly crack stuff. Imminent jossing of canon facts.
Wordcount: 1,200
Summary: One crazy old lady for a sifu is bad enough. Two is exponentially worse.
A/N: For [ profile] starsofnite! Uh, hopefully it will at least make you laugh.

You've got to be carefully taught )
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Title: Big Time Award Show
Series: Big Time Rush
Spoilers/warnings: Dumbness, lack of continuity, and theoretically written after Big Time Dance
Wordcount: 1,362
Summary: Katie’s commencement ceremony becomes a three ring circus when the boys and Gustavo Roque are forced to tag along.
Author’s note: Congrats [ profile] peroxidepest17! I'm sorry this is my lame and poor attempt at a "graduation" gift.

I would like to thank the Academy... )
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Suffering from a death flu is a good enough excuse as any to look through my early writings. This is (thankfully) the only story that seemed to survive on the internet. And wow, sixteen year old self:
-you're adorably pretentious
-and redundant
-mostly pretentious because I can totally see you using that awkward Latin there
-...the sense of humor remains just as immature now as ever
I'm just going to leave this here the next time I need to laugh at myself and my creative endeavors.

Title: Evolution
Series: The Adventures of Sinbad
Spoilers/warnings: set in the magical alternate second season that had Maeve and Mustapha
Wordcount: 20,700 (jeez, I wish writing came this easily now)
Summary: Maeve and Firouz have to step into the realms of science and magic in order to stop a madman who plans on destroying them both.

Here for posterity (and for shame, a little bit) )
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Another unspoken resolution I have this year is to stop being an over-analytical whiner and just write. Which primarily focuses on how I have no pacing for longer stories to save my life and thus don't attempt them. TIMELY EXPOSITION IS MY NEMESIS. I have probably written this chapter over twenty times, posted and deleted it twice, and will likely never finish the story. But whatever, I am posting it now, considering it done, and moving on without constantly re-editing the damn thing this is a lie, I bet I will wake up and fix a dozen things looking at it again.

Title: Flint and Spark (1/?)
Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Spoilers/Warnings: Set after the finale, so all canon events are fair game.
Wordcount: 8,783
Summary: Five years later a tenuous balance is on the brink of collapse, ready to send the nations back to war. Toph can stop the conspiracy, but with her only help being the manipulative exile, Princess Azula, her enemies may not be the biggest problem.
Author's notes: If you're brave enough to read this mess, concrit would also be adored.

Send us a blindfold, send us a blade. Tell the survivors help is on the way. )
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[ profile] starsofnite drew me wonderful Avatar art that ruined her dignity so I had to make up for it. By writing terrible Azula/Toph that stomps on characterization and my writing dignity. But it was fun and...

Too bad I'm already shameless )


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