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Slooooowly writing for everyone, really. For [ profile] achtung_baby who is awesome for liking both Utena and Avatar (and Angela Landsbury but she is harder to put in a crossover).

Title: So I Bent the Rules Like a Revolutionary
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena/Avatar: The Last Airbender
Spoilers/Warnings: Utena's around the Black Rose Arc, Avatar has vague beginning of season three spoilers
Wordcount: 1,743
Summary: Terrible vignettes meshing the two series.
A/N: I failed a lot here. Not writing more vignettes, leaving out some characters, not picking a genre, the incest jokes. The title. Writing a lot of it while sick/medicated...

Yeah, I really got nothing. )
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...yeah, I finally gave into the series gnawing at my imagination for the last few months.

Title: With No Companion
Fandom(s): Princess Tutu/Revolutionary Girl Utena
Summary: Pre-series. Anthy and Rue have come to be defined by the absence each of their princes leave.
Word count: 2,130
A/N: This is the story I always wished someone else would write. Because I know people look at Utena and Tutu and go “wow, that’s prime crossover material” and yet I haven’t found any stories exploring what would happen if these two met. That forces me to try it just so I know that it exists in some form, even if I ended up butchering it and banging my head over the idea for a week. Also, lyrics are to Leonard Cohen. Hmm, Leonard Cohen...

A prince doesn't need two princesses, but what does a princess need? )
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Second set of twenty five. Fear my redundancy and stupid commentary! Fear the midterms!

Here's the list... )
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Got my Utena doujinshi shipment today. Rather disappointing compared to the previous finds, but the art in "Rose Garden R" was beautiful in the preview to pass up. Of course I didn't scan that one because it was also too pretty to submit to my evil scanner. In fact, none of the scenes were serious at all, which kind of shocked me because it was rather serious for the cover and such.

But to impart some of the funny scenes had a too-sexy-for-his-own-damn-good Ruka act like an evil supervillain by suspending Shiori and a locket over tree branches and telling Juri she could only save one. To which Juri hesitates and Shiori jumps down and kicks her. 0.o;; Another one had Miki freaking out because Juri was eating croissants and he later found out it was her curls.

There was some semi-serious stuff, but it was Anthy/Utena and thus I only skimmed over it. Although cute Nanami/Miki! Yay, a fandom nod to them. Also, Tswabuki/Mari. Will wonders ever cease? Oh, also got a nice shot of movie!Kanae and movie!Shiori duking it out. You go Kanae!

Of course the funniest scene came from the doujinshi (Pokemon/Utena...weird) with the worst art. I just thought the scene was too good to pass up so I colored some of it and scanned it...

Since when did Utena become practical? )
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I finally wrote my twenty-fifth drabble--not a flattering one either--so I figured I can now compile them here for easy referencing and such. [ profile] utenadrabble is far to convincing in manipulating me into working.

Utena drabbles and bios )
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Okay, so I agreed to write improv since people were kind enough to accomodate me for the AIM spit up, I wrote something in return. Unfortunately, [ profile] anruitoivoa wanted a Naruto/Utena crossover. So be warned, bad dialogue slightly OOC behavior and a bit of Shiori bashing (Couldn't help it, Naruto wouldn't like her). Really, just look away if you don't feel cracky.

"What Friends Are For"
Naruto meets Juri, and all hell breaks loose )
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Crossposted at [ profile] utenadrabble.

No matter how fast or how far you run, you'll never escape what's not meant to be... )
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So I'd warn all to avoid this. Especially those with delicate sensibilities regarding coherent writing. Oh, and anyone who dislikes Juri/Utena. Yeah, avoid this. I don't want to bring out the ten page essay rant I made in my defense of the couple.
*makes waving motions* Now go on and read something more entertaining. Like Prism-sama's dreams or Linny's voyeurism. Shoo!

And for the two remaining who dare to read...

Vignette: By the Dying Light )


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