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Another unspoken resolution I have this year is to stop being an over-analytical whiner and just write. Which primarily focuses on how I have no pacing for longer stories to save my life and thus don't attempt them. TIMELY EXPOSITION IS MY NEMESIS. I have probably written this chapter over twenty times, posted and deleted it twice, and will likely never finish the story. But whatever, I am posting it now, considering it done, and moving on without constantly re-editing the damn thing this is a lie, I bet I will wake up and fix a dozen things looking at it again.

Title: Flint and Spark (1/?)
Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Spoilers/Warnings: Set after the finale, so all canon events are fair game.
Wordcount: 8,783
Summary: Five years later a tenuous balance is on the brink of collapse, ready to send the nations back to war. Toph can stop the conspiracy, but with her only help being the manipulative exile, Princess Azula, her enemies may not be the biggest problem.
Author's notes: If you're brave enough to read this mess, concrit would also be adored.

Send us a blindfold, send us a blade. Tell the survivors help is on the way. )
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CELESTE I AM SORRY I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY. I-I fail and work kind of ate me, but I still have belated presents for you carried over from previous bribery and I will finish the rest of it when I start my vacation, I swear... T__T

Title: Dealer’s Table (1/2)
Series: Gokusen/My Boss My Hero
Wordcount: 1,400~
Summary: The Ooeda Clan and the Kanto Sharp Fang seek an alliance forged by their future leaders. Unfortunately, Makio and Kumiko have problems that extend beyond getting along.
Dedication: To [ profile] peroxidepest17 for the pimping and the generally being awesome. Happy belated birthday again!

Yakuza politics make for strange bedfellows )
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Title: Good Thing We're Just Pretending (2/?), first part here
Word Count: 2,340
Summary: Ueda and Yamada and the art of sleeping together.
Dedication: Skye, for staying up till 3:40 to keep me company since I couldn't sleep and I didn't want to write angst at all. Celeste, for letting me destroy her giftfic. Um, sorry I keep bothering you guys about it?

Bedroom Antics )
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Obviously Japanese drama/sentai has eaten my brain. I have had dreams of talking to Abe Hiroshi/Jiro Ueda about how he was or was not a fictional character. I've also had Miho Kanno hug me in a cute big sister way and wondered if she was going to turn into Sadako from "Ringu." Which leads me to believe that watching "Saimin" and "TricK" and "Shinsengumi" (No one told me Koizumi was playing Souji, I would have been obsessively watching the show for that alone!) before sleeping produces strange, strange things. Still bitter Inagaki Goro didn't show up.

This also produces strange inspiration considering I'm in a writing slump. So this is my writing slump, an introduction to a TricK episode based on the Eagles' "Hotel California." Yeah, I thought it was weird too but at least I got most of the impetus to write it out of me. Minus the Ishinara in the hot tub scene, which is very entertaining to imagine writing...

Obviously, this is the part you skip over because you're not familiar with my strange fandoms.
o/~ Welcome to the Hotel California o/~ )


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